This page is a tutorial on how to use nail products for first-time users or customers who have questions about how to use it. All you want to know can be found relevant videos here.
Anmas Rucci hope that through these basic videos, customers can skillfully use them and become a manicure expert.

Step1:Chose the nail which would fit perfectly on your nail

Step2:Put your glue on your tips and press down on your natural nail until the glue down really good.

Step3:Drop acrylic liquid into glass dappen dish.

Step4:Wet with nail pen, then dig acrylic powder coat on your tips.

Step5:Rotate the end of nail nourishment oil pen to Squeeze nourishment oil.

Step6:Repair nail with nourishment oil.


Step1:Remove the excess skin with a tweezer

Step2:Use the nail file to remove the shine from the natural

Step3:Use the brush to remove the dust

Step4:Wipe and clean with cleanser

Step5:Apply a basic coat to your nails

Step6:Dry under the lamp for 120s or more

Step7:Apply polish you like

Step8:Dry under the lamp for 120s or more

Step9:Apply the second or third layer of nail polish

Step10:Dry under the lamp for 120s or more after apply each coat of nail polish and coat.Otherwise, your nail polish will deform easily.

Step 11: Apply top coat. This step will make your nail polish stronger and more shiny

Step12:Dry under the lamp (at least 120s)

Step13:Apply the cuticle revitalize oil


Step1:Use buffer block and rhinestone to remove the shine from the natural

Step2:Use the brush to remove the dust

Step3:Use the nail form to make sure the length of nail

Step4:Pour acrylic liquid into the glass

Step5:Chose nail art pen and acylic color powder you like. Dip the pen into the liquid and then dip some powder on it

Step6:Now you can apply the powder on you nail and nail form to extend it.

Step7:When you finish the step6, you can take off the form.

Step8: Use file we offered to trim the share of your nail.


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